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Arm/Leg Shearing Sleeve

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Made from cotton lycra blend, this sleeve is designed to fit snugly over the forearm or the lower leg area, to protect minor cuts or skin abrasions or to prevent the skin from shearing.

Shearing is like a mixture of friction and pressure, and is caused when two surfaces rub over each other – like a person sliding their body over a surface. This causes blood supply to that area of the skin to be cut off – and if this happens often or if the skin is really fragile, it can lead to pressure ulcers.

With soft, ribbed edges, the long tube can be extended for maximum coverage up over the elbow (or the knee) – or folded to shorten as required. Soft elastic straps fit over the palm to hold the sleeve in place (or fits around the instep to hold the sleeve in position over the top of the foot). If extra protection is needed over any particular area, extra padding can be placed around the arm or the leg, and the sleeve can be used over the top to hold the padding in place.

Machine washable up to 80°C. One size fits all and sold as a pair.


Arm/Leg Shearing Sleeve