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Department of Veterans' Affairs & Mobility Hire & Sales

The Department of Veterans' Affairs provides aids and appliances through the Rehabilitation Appliances Program. The aim of this program is to assist entitled veterans, war widows and widowers, and dependants to be as independent and self-reliant as possible in their own home.

The program provides safe and appropriate equipment according to the specific needs of the entitled person. All Gold Card holders are eligible for Rehabilitation Appliances, while White Card holders may be eligible for appliances relating to their clinical needs. As of July 2007, veterans from allied countries are also eligible for RAP or home modifications relating to accepted disabilities.

Mobility Hire and Sales is authorised to supply appliances and aids in accordance with DVA guidelines.

All goods are administrated through Allianz Global Assistance and Country Care Group and Bright Sky. All costs are normally covered by DVA.

The DVA order form is below and when completed goods are delivered within a day or two. You can also come in and collect if you wish!

Download Form (PDF)