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Forte – Sovereign S3 Mattress



Airoform Memory Immersion Interface Layer: 

  • High-temperature stability for sustained immersion
  • Maximises patient contact with support surfaces providing pressure redistribution
  • Depth calibrated to maximise functionality and patient mobility
  • Prevents collapse, tearing and side-ways twisting of second layer to ensure patient receives full immersion benefit
  • Increases lateral sheer relief but connecting cells within second layer together

Triple Grade, Zoned, Secondary Profiled Immersion Region:

  • Ultra-high density sacral support zone with individual cells that deflect and conform to bony prominences
  • Medium size profile cut cells within scapular region small profile cut cells within heel region
  • Individual cells together with visco-elastic immersion interface effectively encapsulate bony prominences
  • Calibrated to provide tailored immersion

Supportive 3rd Layer:

  • Provides postural comfort and transfer assistance
  • Protects second layer from over-compression thus achieving greater longevity

Premium Third Foundation Layer:

  • Provides protection against ‘bottoming-out’ during transfer, repositioning and whilst in the inclined/fowler position
  • Provides exceptional comfort, support for repositioning and patient care

Integrated Strengthened Sides:

  • Increase lateral stability of support surface improves patient safety
  • Make patient transfers easier
  • Unique hinge profile reduces foam fatigue

Sloped Heel Pressure Transfer Zone:

  • Provides unobtrusive heel relief and protection


Therapeutic support loading: 30 – 250kg

Applications: Hospital wards, aged care, palliative care, home care


Single: 1980 x 880 x 150

Single Long: 2030 x 880 x 150

King Single: 1980 x 1050 x 150

King Single Long: 2030 x 1050 x 150