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Theraband Soft Weight

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TheraBand Soft Weights are a great alternative to traditional dumbbells or other weighted workout balls. These balls vary in weight while maintaining the same 4.5″ diameter to ensure grip is not inhibited during progression. The soft, easy to grip shell makes isometric workouts and other physical therapy Exercise simple and fun. Soft Weights are also great for overhead Exercise, as they are less likely to cause injury when dropped. This system of weights, ranging from 1.1 to 6.6 pounds can be used to improve joint dexterity, range of motion, flexibility, and core strength.

    • Soft weighted balls make a great alternative to traditional dumbbells during physical therapy and strengthening Exercise
    • Easy-to-use weights great for shoulder strengthening and rehabilitation, especially using a rebounder or mini trampoline in plyometric workouts
    • 4.5″ ball diameter stays consistent throughout weight progression
    • Set of soft shell weights allows users to measure their progress and advance to the next weighted ball as they increase in strength
  • Six soft weights progressively increase from 1.1 to 6.6 pounds and are colour coded for easy identification