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SoftPro Functional Resting Hand Splint

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SoftPro™ Splints

Static therapy – support, protect and position progressive extension stretch therapy.

  • Easily moulded without tools yet sturdy enough to maintain shape during wear
  • Easily adjusted for ulnar and/or radial deviation
  • Finger Separators and Ulnar Drift Strap available separately to allow custom fitting
  • Extra cover included with every SoftPro splint
  • Bacti-Ban™ keeps covers cleaner and more odour resistant
  • Colour coded straps facilitates splint application
SoftPro™ Functional Resting Hand
  • Treats moderate contractures of the wrist/hand/fingers
  • Extra long wrist strap holds the wrist in the proper position and applies a gentle stretch
  • Thumb is”Bend to Fit” to support, position, and/or correct alignment of the thumb

Sizing: Specify Small, Medium, Large and Left or Right.

 Size  Width Of
MP Joints
 Wrist To Fingertip
 Small  Up to 7.6cm  Up to 15.2cm
 Medium  7.6-8.9cm  15.2-20.3cm
 Large  8.9-10.2cm  20.3-24.1cm
Paediatric, Child 4.5-5cm 20.3cm
Paediatric, Youth 4.5-6.4cm 22.8cm