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Shear Comfort XD1900 Tall Slipper Boot

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The Tall Slipper Boot™ is designed to provide comfort, easy
adjustment, protection, and support to the entire lower leg.

Protection of the whole lower leg makes the Tall Slipper Boot™
ideal for providing the necessary security to those at risk from ulcers of the legs and feet, or those with vascular problems.
Generous Velcro® strapping up the entire boot ensures that most lower legs or feet are accomodated securely and
comfortably, despite any swelling, and can be readily adjusted as required. This also ensures that the boot can be used in
conjunction with compression bandages or support hosiery.
The open toe design ensures toe separation, and the facility to check for blood circulation.
Inspection of the toes can be carried out without the need to remove the boot. The Tall Slipper
Boot™ has no sole, making it ideal for use indoors, including in bed or a reclined chair.