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Sara Stedy Sit to Stand Aid

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Sara Stedy Compact enables a single caregiver to assist patients or residents perform sit to stand transfers throughout the day.  Promotes mobility, dignity, and independence for people of smaller stature.

Features and Benefits:

  • Assists with early mobilisation
  • Suits patients of different sizes and clinical assessments
  • Crossbar handle allows the patient to actively support themselves
  • Pivoting seat provides easy access
  • The knee pad provides support for raising into standing and also for the patient’s legs during transfers
  • Pedal-operated chassis legs
  • Low-friction castors, the rear two with brakes


Max safe working load: 182kg

Max safe working load: 400lb

Lift Weight (incl battery): 29,4kg

Lift Weight (incl battery): 64,82 lb

Min total storage height: 1050 mm

Min total storage height: 41 1/3 in

External width legs closed: 490mm

External width legs closed: 19 1/3 in

External width legs open: 880mm

External width legs open: 34 2/3 in

Internal width leg closed: 360mm

Internal width leg closed: 14 1/5 in

Internal width leg open: 750mm

Internal width leg open: 29 1/5 in

Leg clearance (floor to top of legs): 100mm

Leg clearance (floor to top of legs): 3 7/8 in

Chassis clearance (floor to bottom of chassis): 30mm

Chassis clearance (floor to bottom of chassis): 1 1/5 in

Lift total length: 920mm

Lift total length: 36 1/5 in

Turning radius: 1040mm

Turning radius: 40,94 in