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Doff N Donner Set

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Revolutionary Donning And Removal Device for medical compression stockings

  • Makes donning and removal of compression stockings easy and therefore promotes treatment compliance
  • Less physical effort is required to put on and remove stockings compared to other aids
  • Allows compression stockings to slide painlessly over wounds, scars and delicate skin
  • Suitable for use by the wearer themselves, as well as caregivers
  • Extremely durable and suitable for different leg shapes
  • Extends life of compression stockings
  • Suitable for Calf (A-D), and thigh (A-G) stockings with/without grip top in all sizes and compression classes as well as open or closed toe
  • Also suitable for arm sleeves

The Doff N Donner Set is comprised of:

1. Doff N Donner

The Doff N Donner (DND) is a very soft device that allows you to quickly and painlessly slide compression stockings over an arm or a leg

2. Cone

The CONE simplifies the rolling of compression stockings onto the DND. With the aid of the CONE, the medical compression stockings can also be easily unrolled from the DND. The CONE features a suction cup built into the base so that it attaches well to a flat surface.


Sizing: one size