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Button Hook and Zip Pull

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Helps to fasten hard-to-grasp buttons or pull zippers for disabled, seniors, elderly, and children.

To button up do the following:

  1. Push the wire filament into the buttonhole.
  2. Hook the button with the wire filament. Then raise and turn the button to pull it through the buttonhole.
  3. NOTE: If you need support on the shirt to keep it steady while you button, hold the shirt tails with your free hand.
  4. Pull the button through the buttonhole. Then take the wire filament off the button.

To unbutton repeat the operation in reverse.

To operate the Zip Puller do the following:

  1. Insert the hook into the hole of the zipper tab.
  2. Using the other hand or arm, hold the end of the zipper to make sure the material doesn’t get caught while you zip it.
  3. Pull up to open or down to close the zipper.