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Homecraft Twister Jar Opener

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The Twister Jar Opener from Homecraft is ergonomically designed to help people with poor grip open up and close jars easily. It concentrates its power in the centre of the device to turn lids and taps effortlessly.

The Convenience of the Twister Jar Opener

The Twister Jar Opener is dome-shaped to fit into the palm of your hand comfortably. Its ridged exterior – made of soft flexible rubber – and ribbing interior ensures a secure grip even on smooth surfaces and encourages a stronghold on those stubborn lids. The opener is a great kitchen aid and will help with opening: jars, drink bottles, medicine bottles, doorknobs, cabinet handles or taps of different sizes. Our Twister Jar Opener makes opening twist-off jar lids easy and fast while preventing strain. A great convenience!

Who can benefit from the Twister Jar Opener?

The Jar and Bottle opener is perfect for seniors, people with arthritis, limited strength/ mobility or decreased sensation in their hands.
It works on lids with a diameter of up to 8.5 cm.

Features of the Jar Opener for Seniors:

  • Jar opener that easily opens twist-off lids on jars
  • Ideal for people with limited grip on their hand
  • Causes less strain on muscles and joints
  • Secure grip, non-slip, fits in the palm of your hand
  • Opens the smoothest surfaces effortlessly
  • Suitable for jars, drink bottles, doorknobs, medicine bottles, cabinet handles or taps of all sizes


Material: soft flexible rubber

Opens lids from 2cm to 8.5cm

Weight: 100g