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Dycem Non-Slip Reel, 40cm x 2m

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Dycem® Reels are made from non-woven fabric coated on both sides with Dycem®. They can be used to cover larger areas, or cut to shape. Suitable for physiotherapy use on the floor.
  • Unbeatable grip for any item and have been proven to grip up to a 45 degree angle. Keep your items secure by using them on a range of surfaces.
  • Non-toxic, latex free and antimicrobial, – safe for all uses, Reels are a necessity for non-slip needs.
  • Multi-purpose, durable polymeric material of the highest quality.
  • Long lasting, efficient and discreet
  • Made to cater to a wide range of needs, available in blue, white, red, and check. The check reels are made from a polythene base and are of a stiffer construction. More suitable for flat surfaces or when extra firmness is required.
  • Available in: 0.3mm thick, 20 or 40cm wide, from 1m to 9m long


Thickness: 0.3mm

Width: 20 or 40cm

Length: from 1m to 9m