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Clothesline Handy – Classic 10

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The Classic 10 Handy Line is the largest line in this range. With white powder-coated aluminium and light purple accents, the Classic 10 holds over 2 full wash loads and comes fully assembled, delivered to your door.

The Classic 10 is great for households with high washloads and/or King sized sheets. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor clothes drying and can eliminate the need for an outdoor clothesline completely.

Mrs Peggs Handy Lines and accessories are built to last. They have a patented support arm and weighted strap and are made with marine-grade aluminium, stainless steel fixings and UV-treated plastic, meaning they won’t rust or perish in the harsh Australian sun. Offering a sustainable alternative to the electric dryer, our Handy Lines are lightweight and fold away flat for easy transport and storage. They make hanging washing a breeze!


Weight: 3.2 kg

Dimensions:  168 × 78 × 143 cm

Folded Depth: 7cm

Number of Lines: 10

Max Dryer space: 16m

Total Floor Space: 197cm x 75cm

Fully Assembled: Yes