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FloBac Mesh Back Support


Adjustable Breathable Mesh Back Support

A breathable mesh back support that literally hugs the back for full lateral and vertical support. Tension straps allow you to adjust the curvature of the support to suit any physical condition or body shape.

You’ll love the features of the Flo Bac:

  • Adjustable straps allow you to set your comfort and support needs
  • Contoured and ‘hugs’ the back for full lateral and vertical support
  • A durable open-weave soft mesh cover allows FloBac to ‘breathe’
  • NO SWEAT! Even in the hottest conditions
  • Two models to suit your individual needs
  • Ideal for back support at home, at the office or in the car
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Contoured & adjustable
  • Can be used anywhere you sit
  • Sensibly priced to meet all budgets

The Flo Bac’s therapeutic benefits include:

  • Designed specifically for people with spinal pain, illness or disability
  • Assists in the relief of back pain
  • Promotes good posture and correct spinal alignment
  • Compensates for poor seating – less stress on your back, less fatigue


Back Frame Size

Height: 54cm

Width: 43cm

Beaded Seat Size

Height: 43cm

Width: 40cm

Back Frame

Woven from hard-wearing polyester mesh