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Cordless Chair Pad and Monitor Kit

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One 433-EC Cordless Monitor + GCT-WI Cordless Chair Sensor Pad.The Economy CordLess® Fall Prevention Alarm and Cordless Chair Sensor Pad kit provides affordable and effective cord-free wireless monitoring with a range of up to 100m. Ideal for home or small facility use. Easy To Use, the monitor is lightweight and can be paired with up to six (6) wireless components (including the chair pad supplied in this kit) to serve as a portable caregiver alert. The monitor can be mounted away from the bed, removing in-room alarm noise and reducing entanglements and tripping hazards. Adjustable volume and gentle chime alert won’t startle residents and offers a QUIETER fall prevention chair pad kit. Chair Pad is 10″ x 15″ (25cm x 38cm)


Range: 100m

Dimensions: 25cm x 38cm