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Shear Comfort Overlay Chair


The Day Chair Overlay provides pressure redistribution, allows greater freedom of movement by avoiding uncomfortable friction and shear associated with other fabrics, and also wicks perspiration for enhanced comfort and skin protection. It is made from an extra high-density woven wool specially developed for skin and pressure care and includes straps to secure it in place and prevent slipping. Shear Comfort products are easy to care for and are able to be washed at hot temperatures up to 80°C to effectively kill bacteria without causing shrinkage, unlike other wool and sheepskin products. It is guaranteed against deterioration for up to 50 washes.

Natural Skin Microclimate Control

What your Shear Comfort overlay does is to provide the ideal microclimate for good sleep, looking after temperature and perspiration regulation, with the excellent air redistribution properties of a wool product.

Improved Sleep Quality

As far back as 1984, Dickson showed that a wool underlay decreased restlessness and improved sleep quality. Individuals with fibromyalgia, suffering from diffuse chronic pain and tender muscles, showed significant pain reduction and improved sleep quality when using wool overlays.

Silent Pressure Care

In a residential or medical care facility, Shear Comfort overlays are a lower-cost pressure care solution, and remove the discomfort and noise experienced with plastic-based options, such as plastic air-filled overlays or alternating pressure mattresses.


Dimensions: 50cm x 140cm