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XD 1900 Superior Overlay



The Superior Overlay is large enough to cover most of a single mattress to give protection and comfort to your skin, along with the additional health benefits of Shear Comfort medical sheepskin.

The Superior Overlay is in between the sizes of the Standard Overlay and the Full single Bed Overlay.

The XD1900 is medical sheep’s wool unique to Shear Comfort, with a fibre density higher than even the very best natural sheepskins – which gives it superior pressure redistribution properties.

This is achieved by weaving natural wool to a fabric backing, and is not to be confused with artificial sheepskins created from synthetic ‘wool.’ We use natural wool, and treat it to ensure it can be repeatedly washed up to 80°C. Plus, because XD1900 has no leather backing, it can be washed with normal household detergent.


Width: 150cm

Width: 75cm