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Heelift Suspension Boot

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Heelift Heel Suspension Boot. A heel protection boot that lifts and elevates the user’s heel to relieve pressure and provide comfort. May assist in healing and preventing pressure sores.


  • Inbuilt foam wedge to support the user’s calf and suspend the heel to provide pressure relief.
  • Adjustable soft velcro straps for a secure fit.
  • Designed with ventilation holes to aid air circulation.
  • The low friction surface of the boot slides easily over surfaces to improve the user’s mobility.
  • An additional foam pad is included to provide extra elevation.
  • Firm base to maintain the structure of the boot and provide forefoot support.
  • The foam may be cut to suit the individual user’s requirements.
  • Medical grade latex-free foam, safe for use in a washing machine or dryer and autoclavable for optimal hygiene.