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ETAC Back Washer

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The ETAC Back Washer is a userfriendly design from ETAC. This makes it easy to reach and clean the back without you getting in your arms or shoulders. This is great to use as a general washing aid in the bath or shower.

It has a body-friendly curved design. With the oval-shaped handle, it is specially designed to support a secure grip for people who have limited strength or reach. The replaceable washcloth does not absorb water, which keeps the washer lighter and balanced even when wet.

This cloth is easy to be removed and is machine washed for additional hygiene. Replacement washcloths are also available, ensuring you can keep your Back Washer fresh and ready to use forever.

Features include:

  • a lightweight washing aid for the back
  • reduced strain on neck, shoulders and arms
  • oval handle for good grip
  • non-absorbent washcloth to minimise weight
  • replacement washcloths available