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Etac Stapel Bathroom Stool

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Sturdy and safe, the Stapel Footstool from Etac is a versatile product that can be used to provide an extra step in the bathroom or anywhere in the home where an extra step up is required. Made with a strong tubular steel frame, this footstool is perfect as an extra step when getting into the bath, or as a footstool when seated on the toilet.

Measuring 180 mm (18 cm) from the floor, this low-profile stool is made from a curved, tubular steel frame and a solid plastic top. The top step simply clips on and off the frame, making it easy to detach for thorough cleaning or storage.

Each leg has a solid rubber tip for added grip on a slippery tiled bathroom floor. The stand-on surface measures 43cm wide and 38cm deep. The footstool holds a maximum user weight of 130 kilograms.

An adjustable Telescopic Leg Extension is available as a separate accessory for an additional 5cm to 18cm in height.


Maximum user weight: 130 kg