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Invacare – Comet


Invacare – Comet

Rugged, Robust, Reliable: The Invacare Comet.
The Comet is packed with features that enable a safe, fast and enjoyable drive. Reliability remains the hallmark of this secure and speedy scooter.

Whether stocking up at the supermarket or challenging its outdoor performance, you can rely on the Comet to get you where you want to go, quickly, in comfort and with peace of mind. A soft swiveling seat offers you an optimal driving position and allows you to move around and enjoy activities while seated. By combining rugged outdoor capabilities with ergonomics and good looks, the Invacare Comet is a stellar solution for your transportation needs.


  • Features Benefits Automatic turn-off indicators (after 30 seconds) Alerts pedestrians to your movements reducing the risk of collisions
  • Intelligent Lighting Package If one light bulb blows all other lights continue to function improving visibility
  • Audio and Visual low battery warning Alerts you when battery power is low so you are less likely to get a flat battery when out and about
  • Anti-corrosion chassis Prevents rusting of the scooter prolonging its life
  • Larger motor enables more power for outdoor use (650W – 1800W)
  • A fully suspended chassis provides a comfortable ride even on bumpy ground
  • Automatic speed reduction Automatically reduces your speed around bends preventing you from going too fast when turning and reducing risk of falls


Genuine Accessories:

  • Suspension seat kit
  • Multiple use canopy
  • Wind screen
  • Lockable storage box
  • Rear Basket
  • Storage Cover
  • Rollator carrier
  • Walking frame carrier
  • Cup holder
  • Oxygen Bottle Carrier
  • Cane and crutch holder
  • Personal key
  • Large mirrors


Invacare Scooters

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